Families that have been blessed with abundant resources and success have unique needs.

Chief among these needs are discretion and agency. As CPA's, we are ethically bound to keep your matters in confidence and to act as a fiduciary to your interests. Our aim is to give you the space and resources you need to achieve your goals.

If you’re the first generation of your family to operate at this level – you certainly know the value of hard work. Once you’ve created this wealth, you need to protect it and ensure that it can provide for your family for multiple generations.

We limit the size of our Family Office practice so that we can focus our attention on your needs.

Discerning individuals know that in chess one must think twelve moves ahead. So too in tax, we don’t just prepare one return for one entity or family for one year; we look at the whole situation from the widest possible vantage. We are readily accessible to manage and guide you through all the activities and concerns that face today’s high net worth families.

Our Family Office solution is available to an elite group of clients.  These are sharp individuals who require a higher level of service that spans the Rivlin Group's suite of offerings – tax, accounting, wealth management and beyond.  Highly competent people expect to have discretion over how they engage with professional service providers. In order to better serve them, we offer a tiered pricing model that allows clients to decide for themselves the level of access that will meet their needs. This puts The Rivlin Group at their fingertips for every decision that in any way involves finances, business, tax implications, and even certain personal decisions that require an objective third party with intimate knowledge of the client's situation, resources, challenges and life goals.

Contact us today if you think the Family Office solution is a fit for your needs, and we will immediately schedule a meeting to begin the process of evaluating your portfolio and profile, and potentially welcoming you into our Family Office community of clients.