The regulatory environment only seems to get more complex every year, which is why our clients continue to turn to The Rivlin Group.

People come to us because we can handle “the hard stuff.” 

We provide tax services to individuals, businesses and other entities, including non-profits, estates, and trusts (gift tax returns as well). 

The passage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, with its purported emphasis on “simplification” only further demonstrates the need for people to have a professional tax preparer on their side.  The actual details of this law are anything but simple.  

The reality is that while everyone is responsible to comply with these laws, regulations, pronouncements, and bulletins, not everyone is able to stay fully informed. At The Rivlin Group, we are committed to continuing our education, in all areas, so that we can better serve our clients.

There are many advertisements during tax season that attempt to trivialize the process of what it takes to prepare an accurate tax return.  

Our clients are savvy enough to know that there is no magic to preparing taxes, and also that it requires year-round planning and organization.  To truly prepare a complete and accurate tax return in today’s environment is a difficult undertaking.  Engaging with the Rivlin Group puts 70+ years of combined experience in your corner, helping you see blind spots well in advance and plan for potential pitfalls and tax emergencies before they happen.

It’s what our clients have come to expect, and what we deliver year after year.