Jonalyn Ocampo

Jonalyn Ocampo is a Certified Public Accountant working at The Rivlin Group. She is passionate and dedicated to her work and always seeks to grow her knowledge of accounting and widen her horizons. Jonalyn has been exposed to a diverse set of clients from all over the world and has been proven to work well in a variety of situations.

She graduated from Arellano University in 2015 and passed the national boards the same year. Upon passing the national board exams, she gained her initial experience as a generalist accountant at a private company where she handled comprehensive tasks from all aspects of the accounting cycle.

Later, Jonalyn moved to a larger accounting firm with a global clientele where she furthered her knowledge of accounting and added taxation and operational auditing to her skill set. Her diligence and ability to learn complex tasks quickly have taken her far, enabling her to add value to the teams she has served with.

Jonalyn loves to read fiction books and watch TV series in Netflix. She is into horror, comedy, documentary, and tragic series.

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