Build a better business with Xero

The Rivlin Group is proud to partner with Xero, an accounting software born for the cloud that is revolutionizing the practice of accounting. Xero lets you input, access, and keep an eye on your financial information wherever you are. Whether you’re just starting with accounting software or are a longtime user of other products, Xero’s refreshing design will shorten your learning curve and having you feeling comfortable in no time.

The Rivlin Group is a Xero Silver Certified Adviser.

The Rivlin Group is a Xero Certified Advisor at the level of Silver Champion Partner.

Improve cash flow and save money 

  • Send invoices immediately and shorten your collections cycle.

  • Manage payables with a graphically intuitive interface.

  • Streamline your processes to free your time for higher level tasks.

  • Keep on top of your accounts to track your balances in real time.

Improve efficiency and save time 

  • Create templates, customized “bank rules,” and recurring transactions to take advantage of automation.

  • Take a picture of your receipts for data entry and to go paperless.

  • Use the mobile app to manage your business on the go.

  • Empower your staff to upload receipts, initiate purchase orders and send invoices.

Stay in the know 

  • Eliminate version control issues by enabling your accountant to access the system in real time throughout the year.

  • One set of data, multiple roles and permissions according to each user’s needs.

Keep your business information safe 

  • Be assured with multiple layers of data security.

  • Assign permissions to staff according to their roles.

  • Use two-step authentication for another layer of protection.

Stay in control of your finances 

  • Forget the clunky software installs and updates. 

  • Take the mystery out of accounting.

  • Ask questions and partner with your accountant in real-time. 

  • Customize your Xero dashboard to stay informed and help with decision making.

  • Set up better workflows to approve invoices and expenses.

  • Xero is living, breathing software, constantly being updated and improved.

Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere 

  • Leverage the cloud to access your account from anywhere, on any device. 

  • Run your business from anywhere you can connect to the internet - on your terms, on your time.


Present a professional you

  • Use Xero’s customizable templates to add your logo and personalize your invoices. 

  • Have a complete picture of each customer at your fingertips, so it’s easier to build rapport and follow up on outstanding items.

  • Keep track of deliveries and bills to manage stock and pay creditors on time. 


10 Things People Love About Xero

  1. Automated daily bank feeds

  2. Fast, simple and customized invoicing

  3. Available anytime, anywhere you’re online

  4. Real-time collaboration with us, your advisors

  5. Safe and secure

  6. Smart reports with links to source transactions

  7. Dashboard gives a clear financial overview

  8. Easy to learn interface that was born for and lives in the cloud

  9. Transparent pricing, no hidden fees, easy to understand terms

  10. Access to Xero support and a global community of Xero users that work together to support one another


Spend more time doing what you love – wherever you like – while Xero helps you grow a more efficient, professional, successful business.


Here’s just some of what you can do with Xero


Connecting bank accounts

Xero’s all about making tedious tasks easier so Xero connects straight to your bank so your transactions feed in automatically. Here’s how to set things up. 

Video walk-through | Support article

Invoicing customers

Learn about easy-to-use Xero online invoicing to create and send beautiful invoices, and to give your customers the ability to pay you online - which can help you get paid faster. 

Video walk-through | Support article 

Managing expenses

Xero Expenses helps you reduce the hidden costs of processing expense claims by giving you simplified workflows, powerful control, and integrated accounting - all inside Xero. 

Video walk-through | Support article

Creating quotes

Find out how to create and send a professional looking quote to your customers using Xero. You can easily track the status of your quotes and convert them to invoices in just a few clicks. 

Video walk-through | Support article 

Paying suppliers

Xero makes it easy to keep track of your accounts payable and simplify the task of paying your bills. See how to pay bills individually or in batches, and set up repeating bill payments. 

Video walk-through | Support article

Managing projects

Xero Projects is a simple way to track the time and money you spend on each job. Find out how to create a project, add time and expenses, invoice the project, and monitor its profitability. 

Video walk-through | Support article 

Reconciling bank accounts

Once Xero is connected to your bank, reconciling is no longer a chore. See how to find a transaction to reconcile with a bank payment, reconcile multiple invoices or bills with a single item on the bank statement, and transfer money between accounts.

Video walk-through | Support article

Creating purchase orders

You can manage your supply chain with purchase orders in Xero. Find out how to create purchase orders and copy them to bills, sales invoices or new purchase orders to save time entering data and keep control of your costs. 

Video walk-through | Support article


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