About The Rivlin Group

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Accounting is an inherently ethical profession.  Standing as a bulwark against the shifting tides and trends, its practitioners affirm the facts. 

Tracing its roots back to the very beginnings of civilization, the practice of accounting grew out of a need to document the flow of goods from our first industries.  Artifacts, some 7,000 years old stand as a testament to the essence of what a society is built on - trust.  Indeed, it can be argued that this need to document the facts was in large part a driver of our earliest forms of written communication.

What would those practitioners think of our system of debits and credits today?

At The Rivlin Group, we have seen this profession evolve from 13 column paper through one-write (paper) systems, DOS based computer systems, desktop ledger programs, to today’s cloud based “apps”.

No longer confined to "just the tax," we have evolved into a full-service business advisory, fintech consultancy, and multi-family office. 

Our breadth of experience allows us to bring the full spectrum of wealth management, technology solutions and tax expertise to every client engagement.

While the how of accounting is often at the forefront of technological development, and sometimes even the driver of such innovation, the why of accounting is immutable. From those earliest clerks to today’s certified professionals, the reason we do what we do is because the facts matter. And the reason we go beyond accounting is because that’s what our clients need. That’s why we are wealth managers, tax experts and business advisors. 

Einstein once famously quipped, when asked about his taxes, that,  "The math is too difficult, it would take a philosopher" - that's us.  A philosopher is one who loves knowledge and strives to improve their mind.  Going beyond that, we see ourselves as optimistic philosophers.  We define an optimist as, "one who believes they can overcome any challenge."  

With our drive to continually expand our skills and our positive outlook on the world, we stand ready to assist our clients in the pursuit of their financial goals.  


Our Vision, Mission and Values


We want to be the firm of choice for an elite group of people who understand and appreciate the value that a CPA can bring to their situation.  Based, but not limited, to, the Baltimore/DC Metro areas, we are the go-to firm for business owners and high income/high net worth families and investors. 


We’ll achieve our vision by providing the highest level of personalized service to all of our clients, supported by uncompromising integrity, deep expertise and the agility to navigate the most complex financial situations.


We are a family-owned and operated business that is committed to the values of service, integrity and diligence. These foundational principles drive everything we do for our clients, employees and our community.


Our Team

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